What is Uromonitor

Developed by a group of researchers from IPATIMUP and i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde both in Oporto UROMONITOR is a new non invasive urologic test that is capable of bladder cancer detection through bio markers within a urine sample.

Product Features


Capable of detecting from 7 abnormal molecules per 1000 normal


Based on a simple urine analysis avoiding the recurrent cystoscopies

Clinically Validated

Highly sensitive (> 85%) and Highly specific (100%)


Patented, CE certified test for IVD

Indicated for

Patients or Individuals at risk

For persons at risk or any patients diagnosed with bladder cancer, this is a more convenient recurrence surveillance method.


With an easy and affordable method that deliver reliable results to complement cystoscopy surveillance.

How can a test be carried out?

Patients collect urine sample and these are sent to the Lab (liquid or in dry filters) where the Uromonitor test is performed in a Real-Time PCR platform and result is ready in 2 hours.
Patients testing positive are highly likely to have a recurrence.

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