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The test is currently performed as a service at Uromonitor, hosted at the above mentioned institutions.

To access the service, urologists in hospitals and clinics should first have materials for urine collection and shipment.

To perform the test, patients should collect a routine urine sample, then filter and send at room temperature to Uromonitor Lab, according to simple instructions found here. Free DHL Express shipping and pre-printed return labels are provide. 

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Upon arrival at the Central Lab, the Uromonitor test is performed and results are delivered within the next 5 working days.

Patients testing positive are highly likely to have a bladder cancer recurrence and are recommended to undergo reflex cystoscopy and transurethral resection for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Request Uromonitor Service

In vitro diagnostic kit

Direct ordering the complete analysis kit to be performed in a laboratory or medical unit

Recommended for professionals

Through the simple collection of an urine sample it is later sent to the laboratory (liquid form or dry filters) where the UROMONITOR test is performed in real time in a PCR platform with results available in two hours.

Request Uromonitor IVD Kit
Request Uromonitor Service

Direct ordering the test to be performed in a laboratory or medical unit


Pack to send a sample of a dry urine filter for analysis by our teams.