Urine mutation test

Finally, a convenient way for patients and urologysts to manage the burden of bladder cancer survaillance.

A Reliable and Non-invasive Urine test, based on a Patented method that assesses a specific set of FGFR3/TERTp biomarker hotspot mutations which are 100% Sensitivity and 97.3% Specificity for detecting bladder cancer (BC), independently of tumor stage and of grade, Outperforming cytology in detecting recurrence of non-muscle invasive BC and allowing a reduction in cystoscopies, more convenient for the patients and at Lower Cost.

Test was validated in a Multicentric study and at Reference Urology Center: Radboud UMC (Netherlands)

Test is CE marked for EU and submitted to FDA 510k procedure and can be run as a Service or as and IVD with Standard Real-Time PCR equipment