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Biomarkers for bladder cancer diagnosis and surveillance: a comprehensive review

Uromonitor test was recognized and considered by the scientific community as an excellent alternative for the non-invasive follow-up of patients previously diagnosed with Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer in a scientific article that was issue cover in an recognized international journal (Diagnostics). The details of this study can be found at:

In times of covid19, cancer patients have a new way to avoid delaying diagnostic procedures and surveillance of bladder tumours.

Concerned about the postponement of surveillance procedures and the increased risk of contamination in Hospitals, a team of researchers from Ipatimup and the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S) validated a new form of bladder cancer surveillance that, from now on, may be carried-out from home. Bladder cancer mainly affects smoking men over… Read more »

Validation of a novel, sensitive, and specific urine-based test for recurrence surveillance of patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer in a comprehensive multicenter study

The Uromonitor test was recently validated by the scientific community in a international recognized peer-reviewed journal (Frontiers in Genetics) in a multicentric study comprising more than 300 human samples. Uromonitor presented high sensitivity (74%) and specificity (93%) in the detection of recurrence in patients under Follow-up for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. The details of this… Read more »

Tert promoter mutation as a potential predictive biomarker in bcg-treated bladder cancer patients

Recently, investigators described in a scientific publications in a recognized international journal (International Journal of Molecular Sciences), the future possibility of the use of an genetic alterations in TERT gene, included in the Uromonitor test, to be used as a therapy response predictive biomarker in BCG treatment. The details of this study can be found… Read more »

Prize entrepreneurs of the EVERIS FOUNDATION

The president of the Everis Foundation, Eugenio Galdón, has awarded the Everis Prize 2015 to Hugo Prazeres for his Uromonitor project, a non-invasive test to detect bladder cancer by using a biomarker in urine samples, whose use avoids performing a cystoscopy, an uncomfortable procedure for the patient and expensive for the Public Health System. Read… Read more »